Bottle victory!

So we’ve decided that Tess has to learn how to hold her bottle before her brother gets here. I swear, she can read minds. We hold the bottle, try to bring her hands around it, and she throws them out to the side as far as she can like

You can’t make me!

Uh oh.

So that battle’s been going on for months, but today Tess shocked us by calmly wrapped her hands around her bottle and chugging away. Her aim wasn’t great and she seemed nonplussed by the whole experience. Dave and I were relieved. We’d gotten to the point of saying,

Fine! Don’t hold your bottle. When your brother comes and we’re trying to feed both of you, youngest preemie gets food first. See how you like that!

I didn’t say it was our finest moment of parenting, but it made us feel better. The last month has been development central for Tess. She’s behind but she catches on fast, and I feel like every time we look at her she’s doing something new. She is doing it all out of order though. She sat up before she discovered her toes! She’s a delight, and watching her blossom quiets my fears for her brother. Tess is a miracle; who says we can’t have two?

K was checked again today, so we spent the afternoon packing despite the news that all seems well. We’re not sure whether tomorrow is the day or if he’ll hang on until February, but we’ve got a plan (loose as heck!) and we will stick to it. So kid, despite your best efforts you are not the boss of us! At least not entirely.

It’s my birthday, and I’ve spent it worried that I’d be sharing it – not that I care about sharing, I’d just rather he wait. Waiting and angst do not make for a relaxing day. Still, one…more…day. See NICU staff? I can be taught. (You are the bosses of me!)

So welcome to our confusing

Is he or isn’t he coming?

process. He’s not coming today. Tomorrow: who knows?

3 thoughts on “Bottle victory!

  1. Happy shirt! Sweet dad and daughter! Believe in Blessings! Life brings surprises around every corner and life just keeps giving! I truly believe this is all going to bring a bit if wonderful to every day.

  2. Ich möchte mich Karins Wünschen anschließen!
    Und zu Tess und ihrer Flasche möchte ich euch an ihren Namen erinnern. Bedeutet er nicht, dass sie den Zeitpunkt selbst wählt?! Und hat sie nicht eh ihre Zeitpunkte äußerst früh gewählt? Sie wird auch mit dem Flaschehalten rechtzeitig sein, wenn ihr darauf vertraut, dass sie es richtig machen wird. Erklärt ihr ganz ruhig und freundlich was ihr wollt – Babys können nicht sprechen, zumindest nicht so, dass wir sie verstehen, aber sie verstehen viel mehr als wir glauben. Aber denkt wie schmerzlich es ist vom Thron gestürzt zu werden 😉

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