Birth to three

Tess had her at-home birth to three evaluation today. She surpassed their expectations, and is even ahead of some of her adjusted age milestones. Yay! The coordinator is super nice, and let me ask all kinds of inane questions.

As she’s doing so well and she’s so young, we’ll be touching base once a month but won’t have a follow-up evaluation for 3-4 months. That’s when she should start reaching for things, smiling more, holding her head up well, and losing the frog-leg pose. It’s amazing how many signs of growth you can see in a child who’s only 1.5/4 months old. Even though we weren’t overly concerned about her development at this point, it was great to have her progress confirmed by Penfield, the child development masters!

Tess got a relaxing bath this morning before the 0-3 visit. We did tummy time, and she ate like crazy again! Growth spurt it is. She’s wanted to be held all day which threw off my work plan until later in the day, but as Jean always tells me, “Each day will be different.” Very true.


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