Bigger and bigger!

I officially put Tess in a 0-3 month footie pj outfit last night. First of all: monkeys on toes and tummy? To die for! Second of all, I was out of clean clothes and said it would be huge…and it was only a little roomy. This girl is taking off! The pediatrician called today to make sure we were all set with the follow-up program (oh, yeah. She’s that good!), and was exclaiming from a totally unbiased place about how well she’s doing. She’s overachieving. We just can’t wait to weigh her again!

The perfectionist mamma failed big today. I’ve been a little ambitious at the office, which has me scrambling to keep up. I said yes, so it’s my responsibility to come through. Still, not at my brightest. So you can imagine my surprise when, groggy and holding the coffee Dave had just put in my hand to inspire the whole ‘awake’ thing, I opened the door and discovered our caseworker on the stoop! For our last visit, I had typed and formatted our questionnaire that she needed for our follow-up report. This time? I hadn’t even brushed my hair. Wince. She handled it well, but I was chagrined. I almost worked at the office today – wouldn’t have even even here! Yikes. Despite the inauspicious beginning, we had a great session with her. Then it was work, work, work until almost 10pm. Dave and I have declared whoever is supposed to be home on baby duty, so the other can plough through the day’s load. Still, it’s hard to hear Tess yelp and not lunge to pick her up.

Today she was at her most adorable. She’s starting to cling to soft things – her nubbies, blankies and burp cloths – and to interact with her toys/minions more. We love this! The smiles are to die for. So despite the late hour, it’s been a good one. To counteract the tardy sign-off, Dave made our beautiful nicoise salads so I could keeping plugging along. Man, can he cook! Pretty food and good company. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bigger and bigger!

  1. She’s getting so big! Pretty soon her belly will be hanging out of a shirt you swore fit her last week 🙂 I love the photos and expressions. Have a great weekend you guys!

  2. Beautiful new pictures and video!

    Liam just pointed to one of the pictures, and completely unbidden, exclaimed “Tess!” with delight! He definitely misses her, just like us!

    See you guys soon!
    -Max, Patty and Liam down under

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