Bigger and bigger!

So Tess had a weigh-in yesterday. Dave and I almost forgot we had an appointment. I came home from the office and ran her over to the clinic, but couldn’t help noticing how much has changed in the meantime. When we first got home, we had to make it across country in 3 days, so we could confirm she was still gaining weight. Crying burns calories, so we didn’t let her ramp up too much. We’d been informed that if she didn’t keep gaining, she’d be hospitalized again. So every weigh-in was a big deal – something to dread, then to celebrate.

In the last 2 weeks, Tess put on a pound. She’s 11 pounds 8 ounces and 24 inches long. That puts her in the 1st percentile for weight and the 9th percentile for height for her actual birthday. That’s right: she’s officially on the charts! For adjusted age, she’s 49th and 88th percentile for weight and height. In other words, she’s totally rocking the growth thing. Which is why the weigh-ins don’t scare us anymore.

Tess is a fussy, chubby, happy baby who smiles, giggles and loves to cuddle. She’s starting to grasp snuggly toys (and mom’s clothes and jewelry!), and while she’s not rolling over as much, she’s also starting to hate tummy time less and use her arms more. She doesn’t look like a preemie, and she sleeps through the night 75% of the time. our little girl is growing up. I suddenly understand the need to crow over a child’s accomplishments. It’s really more marveling how this little nugget of a person is miraculously starting to figure out her hands, the world, communication, light…every day she does something new. It’s beautiful.

So we’re settled in. Dave was laughing at me as I tried to eat his homemade Indian tomato sauce without spilling on Tess, who decided she wanted to sit at the table and join the conversation. (by the way, it’s really that good!) we were relaxed and happy, watching her away as she tries to sit up. We got a preemie outfit in the NICU, one of my favorites, that I’d bought when we though Tess would be full-term. Last night, I put the bigger version on her, and we marveled at where we are now. We miss out nurses, and we miss Kat and Spencer. We’re grateful that the wacky start to parenthood permitted us to get to know them all, as we still from here are enjoying their friendship! But this is where we would be of Tess had come in June, and it’s really spectacular to celebrate normal.

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  1. Still love seeing this update so often! It’s so heartwarming and honest. I am not sure I could be this up front about life. I am as always, trying to move into the technology of today vs hmmmm our bumbling…calling friends and family for advice or just giving it our best shot as an alternative to knowing…you are all, amazing! Love sassy

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