Below expectations

Today was not my best day. The worst was sitting next to a man I truly consider the worst parent I have ever had the misfortune to come across in a cafe. This man did not congratulate his child on getting an ‘A’; he instructed her to reduce her effort on the next assignment, as her teacher was clearly not even bothering to read the work. He talked about being paid well for a job, specifying he hadn’t spent every penny in his pocket. He applauded a friend for marrying money, and said he needed to track down a girl as

über rich

as his buddy’s wife. Then he applauded said friend for getting so drunk at a game that he couldn’t stand. And he clearly felt no qualms about talking that way to a teenager.

I don’t always feel totally confident in my roles as mom, employee, singer, wife, daughter…but I do try to be a decent human being. I’ve missed the mark on occasion, but I am still conscious of each instance of hurting someone, and am especially grateful for people who’ve accepted an apology from me after a gaffe. Listening to this man casually disrespect so many people at once made me crazy! Which put my thoughts in perspective. No matter what I’m working on or proud of, nothing will ever measure up to the responsibility I feel for our kids – for raising them to be strong, kind adults and for showing them constant love. I know Dave feels the same way.

Speaking of parenting, we just had our first late-night emergency room visit – with Remy! Two ear infections and a fever over 103. Ouch. Fortunately, he’s starting to eat again and has realized that baby medicine tasted good. And here we go…

Into the holiday season! Our tree and stockings are up, the oohs and ahs continue, and Tess delights in opening her (and Remy’s) advent presents. Let the carols keep us peppy.

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