I took a bath tonight; a bath in my new swimming pool of a bath, with candles and dimmed lights and solitude. Before that I worked ten hours and comforted a screaming child, but I still got a bath in every girl’s dream space.

I love that Dave and I got the hang of balancing our time as parents early. Working through the NICU forces you to prioritize and carefully assess your spouse and your marriage constantly. Those lessons came home with us. Dave saw how tired I was tonight and simply instructed me to go live out my fantasy of hot water and peacefulness. Tess is sleeping or I’d be more torn, but I felt like a nicer version of me within minutes. Whenever I doubt my introvert test results, I’m reminded by how quickly I can recharge when I don’t have to talk!

Tess has a weigh-in tomorrow. We’re taking bets: mom thinks 10’12 and Dave claimed 11 pounds. We’ll keep you posted. I’m the meantime, she got mail today! A postcard arrived from her birth grandmother and uncle, and it was the sweetest thing in the world. I’m so glad we have a place already for all of her early months’ correspondence. I love picturing her reading that when she’s older. My granny used to send postcards from all over the world, and I thought they were the coolest things in the world. For a romantic, just to contemplate the distance traveled made me delirious with the desire to travel. So really mom, it’s granny’s fault. 🙂 I love picturing us in a foreign city as a family, or tucked away in a little cottage. We’re daydreaming about a long weekend somewhere with fishing and a beach. Who knows? Tess needs isolation, but no one said we couldn’t change the scenery up!

By the way, inspired by my friend Margie, I’ve decided to share our blissful CSA recipes with you. This spicy steak-basil salad knocked our socks off! Go heavy on the basil.

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