Back to work

Well, today’s the big day! As the kids can sense when I need extra sleep, Tess was up all hours last night with nightmares or something – poor girl! Remy’s colic continues to entertain, and 4 am and I continue to hang out.

Still, I woke up fairly perky and determined to enjoy my return! Dave and I had a pretty standard morning with the kids (he got up first, I jumped into the fray when it got rowdy). Then I took the time to dress up. I made my hair curly, picked out a fun dress and pumps, and put on some makeup. It’s amazing what a difference that makes! I packed lunches, set out food for Tess, organized the house a bit, and then set out for work.

Once there, I honestly felt like I never left – aside from feeling reinvigorated. I caught up with my coworkers, tackled some new projects and grabbed lunch with a friend. The end of the day crept up on me! Then I ran some errands, got groceries, and nearly ran into the house to see our kids. I didn’t miss them as much as I’d feared until I saw the front door; then it hit me in one fell swoop.

Tess squealed with delight, but had clearly had a fabulous day. Remy was calmly studying Brittney’s face as she held him. Apparently, they went to the park (where Tess flirted with a little boy on the swings) and took Stella on a log walk. Brittney had so much fun she exclaimed,

We’ve had such a nice day I don’t want to leave!

To be honest, I felt like my leave ending just as summer hit would make it harder to go back. Instead, it makes me happier to come home. When the sun’s shining and I’ve had a productive day, the drive home from work is its own reward. Transition: accomplished.

Tess spent the whole day asking for daddy, and then repeated Stella (almost unrecognizable) while petting the dog. The dog before mom? That stings a little. Good thing I’m so happy she’s finding words that I don’t care too much!

We relaxed in the front yard while Tess napped, with some cheese and a glass of wine. We talked to the neighbors, laughed at the kids in the park, and reveled in the sunshine that’s been a long time coming. Then a quick dinner with Tess and to bed, so we can do it all again tomorrow. Something tells me Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will become more and more difficult!

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