Back to school, back to work

Getting family time over the holidays is great and taxing. We love the kids waking up when they’re ready, skipping the school morning scavenger hunt. But when we drop our routine, everything unsurprisingly gets a little off course. The park play dates and movie snuggles rock; the crabby temper tantrums and destroyed house, not so much.

Coming back to reality in January is therefore a good transition. It always helps me as an adult refocus my energy and triage my to-do list more successfully. This year, it’s been exciting to see the kids take that deep breath too.

And we’re trying new things! All of the kids have (mostly) given up naps, so we have a lot more time for activities. We had our second ski lesson ever today for the four bigs, and it’s been amazing to watch them be brave, cautious, and learn soooo fast. Sylvie’s not going to be left behind. Tonight, she took her first tottering steps to get to me as I got home from a weekend in Chicago with my mom and sisters. Talk about making my heart burst!

So we’re finding our groove, new and old, and already making 2019 one for the ages.

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