At the office

Well, I was nervous about going back to the office and shouldn’t have been. I got such a welcome from my coworkers, and even surprised a few! We met some new people, heard about strategy for the year, and I got to catch up with my boss. My whole cube changed; none of the same people are there! But the new vibe is good, and I actually got a lot of work done. I think this 2-day a week in the office plan will be a good one.

I’m writing this with Tess asleep in my arms. Dave said she missed me, because I took her when I walked in and she snuggled right into me. It broke my heart a bit to think she had, but she seems pretty happy. Besides, we all know she’s a daddy’s girl! I’ve had her with me all night. Holding her makes me feel like we’ll sort all this out eventually.

Part of my office day was not being available for Tess’ doctor appointment this afternoon. I decided to control my control freak tendencies and not remind Dave for the tenth time today that the appt was at 4:30. Well in hindsight, that was a poor choice! The office called at 5: where was Tess? Ooh, was I mad! Poor Dave was trying to work from home with no Internet and had just totally biffed it. He shot over there in a flash so we could find out that she’d gained 4 ounces, so she’s now 6 pounds 5 ounces. Apparently, her output explains her slightly lower increase than anticipated. As a consolation prize, the dr said she’s been eating way more than expected, so we’re doing well!

Dave’s currently putting a swing together, our hail Mary for the 2am screaming/grunting show that leaves us haggard. Cross your fingers! We will be. Tomorrow I belong to Tess again, so we can let Dave work like mad. I can’t wait. 🙂

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