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We had no plans today aside from laundry, organizing, giving Tess a bath, etc. I woke up fairly early and realized that, if I got up quickly and quietly with Tess, Dave could sleep in. And he did! New-ish daddy slept til noon! And he looked like a new person. It made me happy all day that we were organized enough to do that!

Mom came by in the morning for design stuff. We bribed her with caffeine to stay a bit longer. We missed family! Then it was unpacking, laundry (Tess went though a lot of everything last night), organizing and a tiny bit of cooking.

Dave thanked his girls for being good by making an awesome breakfast. We had eggs, avocado, bacon – yum! He even made fancy coffee. We watched kids running around in the park, but this time with Tess in our arms. It makes it sweet instead of bittersweet. 🙂

Our room is so much more organized now, as is Tess’ room. We’re only halfway through the laundry, but the weekend is young. and we put mom’s grocery restock to good use!

Aunt Sue came by to see the now-big nugget, and we had a lovely time chit chatting and relaxing. So fun! We drank her bottle of wine with the roast chicken dinner – which completely solidified the “home!” feeling. Ha ha!

Tess has been sleepy but eating really well the last day or two, which usually precedes a tiny growth spurt. She’s been getting familiar with rattles, her mirror and the sounds and smells of her new and forever home (because we would not and cannot ever move from the house after mom’s hard work!). Tess watches while we cook, snuggles in our arms when we have visitors and has completely owned her bassinet space! She’s seems quite happy, and is finally sleeping a scooch better. May it continue tonight!

We finally ran out of prepared liquid formula, and will be mixing our own this evening. May the force be with us! Math was required. Other than that, we’ve enormously enjoyed just having a normal day at home! Decompression extreme. The workmen finishing the reno on our room have been so incredibly respectful that we can’t hear them until we wake up! They also sealed the basement off so that their work down there doesn’t make the upstairs dusty and chaotic. Masterful coordination.

Tomorrow we’re starting tummy time. Tonight, we’re collapsing. Decompression means we’re tired! If you’re one of the kind friends who’s welcomed us home, thank you. Each message, package and visit has meant the world to us. We’ll get settled soon and get back in touch with everyone!









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  1. Ich freue mich so, dass es euch allen dreien gut geht nach der langen Reise und den wohl anstrengenden Tagen !!! Ihr seid großartig !!!

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