At home and away: parenting in two states

We are on a mission to see everyone’s families once a year, so we jumped at the chance to catch up with Micky and Kat this weekend. Tess and I flew across the country Friday afternoon, so we could spend all day Saturday goofing off! From an amazing museum to a delicious picnic, we wore Tess out with fun. There were a lot of jokes about how many moms were in the car! Sunday was about the same, and wrapped up with the long trip home. Tess can’t stop talking about how much fun she had, especially on a solo trip. To top it off, I’m pretty sure she’s decided those two are magicians. The magic wand may have helped.

In the meantime, Dave got super ambitious with the kids at home. He took them to a company picnic, on a bike ride with the puppy, and even cooked some homemade meals with the three very energetic and otherwise unsupervised kids banging around his knees. To put the cherry on top, he took them to family dinner at my brother’s house Sunday night!

By the time Tess and I got home, the home team was as tired as we were. I loved seeing how excited everybody was to greet each other, and how – at least on this trip! – They were full of stories to share, not jealousy over one kid going on a trip. Splitting the party is always a challenge, but this time it made for a wonderful weekend in two places.

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