Another Maybe Baby

We’ve been having technical difficulties! Excuse the lag. And happy thanksgiving!

I write this with discomfort, but we decided to share and it would be obnoxious to stop halfway through. We read a profile last week that made us hold our breaths. She looked at profiles this week, and we crossed everything in hopes that she would pick us: a high schooler who loves travel and photography, who wants to finish school and go to college. To make things more exciting, she was due that week. Her mom even supports her choice to place her baby girl for adoption.

We were fully prepared to bring a brother home for Remy. Mentally switching to a girl instead wasn’t difficult; exhilarating even. We so wanted her to choose us! But she didn’t. We’ve had a few of those. The sadness is setting in. Thank goodness thanksgiving and family are the name of the game this weekend!

Never a dull moment around here.

One thought on “Another Maybe Baby

  1. that reminds me on your story of being pregnant for so many times. I cant find calming words, it must be always an attack on your heart!
    … but the perfect doughter or son will come

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