And we’re off!

Being the positive, cheerful person that I am, I was convinced we would never make it to Europe before Deuce popped into our lives. Just in case, I worked almost 2 weeks in one last week so I wouldn’t have to use a lot of vacation. For 10 days off, I’m taking 1.5 days. I’m impressed and relieved. Yet here we are! Packing, calculating formula needs for the flight, getting Stella settled with her other family (I told max that lately I feel like we’re dogsharing), collecting bits and pieces of baby detritus, tidying up our finery for the wedding, hunting for chargers for our extensive electronics, etc. Packing for Europe in February with a potential stop in Florida and baby clothes for 1.5 babies is…a unique experience I don’t care to re-experience. Still, we’re traveling and seeing people and new places, so who am I to even begin to complain?! I got in my last meeting before the trip while Dave took Tess to the doctor (mom diagnosed an ear infection from the blog photos. I am terrified by her prowess, annoyed I was 2 seconds behind, and SERIOUSLY relieved that we dealt with it before a transatlantic flight!), and we went into hyperdrive to stash water when we heard it would be shut off at 9am for the rest of the day.

Bags are now packed and stashed in the car. Tess is getting a quick catnap, and then we’re putting her in fuzzy pjs and taking her to Europe! When we got her passport in the mail, I was hoping this would take place. It’s now safely tucked into our carry-on, with all of my excitement about introducing her to another part of my family: the Chartiers! 🙂 Stay tuned for the Italian rendition of OPLINGERS ABROAD.

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