Well, it’s here: my first foray into solo parenting. I wish I could say Dave and I enjoyed the morning, went for a walk, took it slow. No – we did paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Still, Dave made sure that when he left we were as free of random errands as possible. (I married really, really well!) We said goodbye and he was gone.

I didn’t have much time to contemplate my solitude, as the Air Show happening in my neighborhood brought the whole family by. It was like a party over here! That was fun while it lasted, until I realized the witching hour had arrived and caught me unprepared. Thank god for the moby. I tucked Tess in and started writing my conference paper. she gets to snuggle close to me, which is all that keeps her from screaming at dusk. I get to keep trucking, now that my social life has helped me procrastinate for the whole day.

The house is tidied, fun has been had, scheduling done for the fall, dog walked…and suddenly the weekend is behind us. I hate having work on Sunday; especially two different projects. It makes me feel like the week is creeping up on me when I’m not looking. Still, I’d rather work now when I’m fresh than try to be smart on Wednesday! Bleary-eyed, I’m manning up and heading to bed early. Here’s hoping a long night makes up for the frequent feedings. Dave, we miss you already!

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