We’re alone. Stella is with Max and Patty, and Tess is with Poppa and Sassy. Leaving both of them killed me. I just want to turn the car around and go back for another snuggle!

Leaving on a Tuesday seemed like it would be convenient; it isn’t. I feel interrupted – at work and at home. Sunday was Tess time; today was work madness and then a screaming baby strapped into the car and left shortly after we fed her at mom’s. Not satisfying! We’re tired and stressed and not sure we packed everything and feel so guilty! In other words, we’re parents sneaking off for a week and feel just like every other parent who does the same. There’s no baby in the car and I’m freaking out a little.

Do you like how I keep saying one week? I figure I can pretend the China extension isn’t coming right after the baby hiatus. Considering I have no idea what’s happening, it seems likely. The boys, by which I mean dad and Colin, are in charge and I’m tagging along. This is an unnatural state. Dave informed me that I love traveling with him because he does whatever I say and carries the bags (this is specific to foreign travel, I like to think/hope/wish). He may be right. I just get so excited! It’s surreal to think I’ll be in a totally different place in a few weeks, even farther from the nugget and without a shred of control or language ability. Phew! So I concentrate on San Diego. Wish us easy travel.



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