Agency to the rescue!

We want to share our experience with you, but we’re not quite sure where to start. WE don’t know where to start in our own conversations. We’re still waiting, with no more information now than when we got down here. S has been hit or miss on communicating. We feel like we’re her last resort. She’ll do anything to parent, but still might not be able to make that work.

We get it. Honestly, in her shoes we’d feel the same way: desperate to find a way to keep the family whole. Still, it leaves us with a constant hum of tension. Tess asks where the baby is, as do coworkers, family and friends. Baby is sitting tight!

We are still hopefully that S will pick us to be her baby’s family. Still, that looks less and less likely. So we went to sit down with our agency yesterday. This agency has been awesome – constantly informing us of new twists, offering us control and options, sharing their take and experience while respecting our feelings. We’re pretty big fans. Meeting the team face-to-face just confirmed that. This agency is our dream agency: open, direct, proactive, good track record, an emphasis on rematching disrupted families, sensitive to flexible/inflexible parameters. They ask us how we’d like to proceed in every way, which helps us enormously.

So the meeting, where we discussed more discouraging news, actually comforted us. There’s a Plan B. We’ve finally settled in – enjoying
beautiful Florida while we can. With or without this baby, we will find our next child. And maybe, in the process, we’ve found the perfect agency match. Now here’s hoping we don’t need to find out what comes next in Plan B!

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