Afar and online

After three days of working from Florida, Dave and I have declared the porch our personal territory. He works at the high table, pacing and waving his arms around on calls. I’m working at the low table, gazing out at the ocean when stumped for a turn of phrase.

I don’t know that anything inspires me more than to change up my work environment from time to time. I love working from home 1-2 days a week, but would hate it full-time. A session at the innovation center gives me a fresh appreciation for my job, but then I crave the easy access to the people I work with. Working from the porch will ostensibly get old (in theory – thus far it simply delights!), but as a temporary office, I’m pretty sure it can’t be beat.

We ended our week early and went fishing – great fishing! Dave caught the lion’s share of the fish, and we hooked enough fish for dinner. It was cool but relaxing to be on a boat, relaxing with friends and watching for dolphins and manatees. Dad did a great job grilling the fish, and all of us discovered we like mackerel! This includes Tess.

Everyone’s been taking turns keeping an eye on Tess while we work, dad deals with family stuff and mom keeps us all fed and happy. Tess seems to think she rules the roost. I fear going home may be a rude awakening, but she can enjoy it while it lasts! We finally got her in the water and reminded her that her nighttime sound machine tracks actually belong to salty waves that splash our toes.

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