Adventures and chore charts

This weekend was “work hard, play hard” to the extreme! We got through summer homework just in time for the back to school bash. To celebrate the kids’ great job, we also took them to see Dora in the theater, to a music festival and to dinner. I don’t know who was more exhausted at the end of the day! And followed that up with the end of the summer pool party.

Somehow we wedged in tons of laundry, sorting, cleaning and organizing. The house feels like new. The kids have gotten to that age when they want to help and can help. It’s a game changer. So we got a chore chart going, and are talking about bike rides and movie nights as rewards.

And we enter the allowance era. Lord knows how we’re going to figure this out, but the kids are starting to understand the value of the dollar and we want to encourage them. Wish us luck!

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