Advent and Cosmic Yoga

We’re reaching a new era with the kids. They’re full of energy and exhausted at dinner – which translates into whining and shenanigans. We’ve recently discovered Cosmic Yoga on YouTube and I’m convinced this is our great salvation. The teacher slowly convinced all of our kids to act out Moana or Star Wars in yoga poses. And they ALL DO IT.

Parents, we can get dinner ready without distraction. We convince them to pick up because you need open floor space for yoga as a quartet. 31 minutes of peace and exercise for the wee ones means total parental satisfaction.

Tess lost her first tooth this week and will be getting glasses. Lilou is speaking in full sentences. And Remy’s imitating some big boy bad habits from school. Somehow, we’re being slingshotted into the future and I’m not ready. So we’re clinging to our little people hugs and cramming in as much quality time as we can, because clearly all of them are moving out and getting married next week.

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