Adoption in the real world

Every year, my family hosts a huge, multi-family party. This has been going on for 30 or so years, so at this point, it’s made up of grandparents and the former invitees bringing the next generation to romp in the grass and enjoy early spring.

As the years have gone by, we’ve seen a lot of changes in who attends based on who’s inviting people. For example, my friends growing up leaned towards the nerdy and bookish. My brothers’ friends were cool and troublemakers, my sisters’ friends were artistic or athletic. We went to public and private schools, did sports across the city, and even made friends from other states and countries. As we’ve all grown up, those same people now bring their kids. And as the world has changed, that means adoptive families, interracial families, young and older kids, and people from all over as we kids spread out around the country. We love it more and more every year.

Before we started a family, we wondered if we’d end up sticking out like sore thumbs, if our kids would feel out of place. Instead, we watched Tess tear around the yard this year with her cousins and friends, while Remy was cooed over and snuggled by everyone. At one point, someone was trying to place who he was. My dad walked up, patted him on the head, and said,

That’s my grandson Remy!

and continued to mingle. Dave and I could not be more delighted. Watching our kids grow up and experience these old traditions feels so rewarding. I’m looking forward to when their kids join the fray someday!

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