Adoption day!

Today our birth parents gave us the enormous honor of becoming Tess’ parents. We’re going to celebrate the transition tonight in the NICU with Tess – the only place for birth and adoptive parents to celebrate appropriately. We feel so lucky to have such a special relationship with these guys, and this bond is the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Our wholehearted thanks and gratitude.

9 thoughts on “Adoption day!

  1. Congratulations! I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Tess’s birth parents for the gift they have given to my wonderful, deserving friends.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOUR PARENTS!!! That is totally amazing, and I am so happy for you two. I think crying little.

  3. It´s like Michi said; Katarina you know so much about the things behind our reality! And it´s realy amacing how our agreements in heaven look like on earth. And when you now say, that Tess hates all these apparatus and tubes – these are the things we don´t know about in heaven – otherwise sometimes we woudl decide different! Although it´s so perfekt. Tess is able to live pregnancy with her new parents and has also time with you, Katarina and Spencer. When I see the pictures – I feel love – it´s wonderful!

  4. So thrilled . . . there are no words grand enough to express the overflowing joy I’m feeling for you!!! 😀

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