Adoption Awareness Month

It’s Adoption Awareness month and World Prematurity Day. As the parents of two preemies that we adopted, November obviously gives cause for reflection!

How lucky we feel can’t be measured, but we count it in daily hijinks and “aw!” moments. Tess is at a point in time where she throws her arms around your legs in a ferocious hug and yells “hi-i” with abandon the minute she hears footsteps on the stairs or the sound of the front door opening. The rest of the time she’s buzzing around furniture and people or squirming out of our embrace, off to explore another nook or cranny. She has playtime with Stella under the table every day, and always looks thrilled at the subterfuge.

Remy still clings to us, always happiest in a cuddle or eating. His sweet smile may be the most endearing expression I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Tess and Remy laugh hysterically together at nothing. She taunts him with books and toys, and he’s so determined to play with her it’s inspired him to crawl – awkwardly and teetering, but movement! She loves to pat him on the head, and they both love the pre-bedtime ‘hug’ we force them into. (Trust me, if you saw this in action, you’d understand why we can’t completely call it that. Touching brows is a more accurate description.) The least cute? Scream-offs. Parental torture in the extreme, often perpetrated in the car, so no means of escape.

All of this parenthood washed away the pain of infertility in an instant, which still amazes me. Years of pain just gone – which is exactly how I felt when I fell in love with Dave. As a kid, pain and disappointment stay with you. As an adult, I’m learning how transient they are. At the exact moment when I feel like I can go no lower, some awesome change in the universe gives me my heart’s desire. Dave and I marvel at that daily, as we marvel at these fabulous little tyrants who have taken over our house and lives.

As we ease into the holidays, the feeling of luckiness just grows. We really do have it all. Don’t hate us! I’m sure our fortunes will turn again at some point. But for now? Heaven on earth, just in time for pie.

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