Adoption and medicine

At Tess’ third and Remy’s second well check, I had our first run in with adoption medicine. Apparently, the kids are in excellent health, but the doctor is cautious and is going to check on some obscure possibilities just in case. Knowing it’s unlikely either kid has anything unusual isn’t a comfort when you hear that. I held Remy for blood tests (and I assure you, his look of betrayal is only becoming more effective as he ages!) as Tess watched with big eyes from behind the stroller.

Filling out my own medical history makes me feel mildly unprepared. I’m sure there’s obscure medical issues on both sides of my history, but I never think of them when I’m filling out forms. Now how accurate can we be with second- or third-hand forms when the doctor asks questions?!

I hope we make the right decisions about medical care. We trust our pediatrician implicitly, and she came out and said she’d be overly cautious because we just can’t know everything about our kids medical backgrounds. Still, another layer of complexity just appeared in our life.

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