A week off of parenting

So Dave and I spent a weekend in a different state. Our kids did too, but not with us. How weird is that?! For Christmas, Dave got me a few days at cooking school – and not just any cooking school! We were the first students at Goodstock Farm, D’Amato’s place. Due to a scheduling snafu, Dave got to meet them at a women’s club luncheon and I didn’t. He set this all up in secrecy! So we ran off to Massachusetts without the littles. The littles went to Colorado with my parents and Flamine! That wasn’t the original plan, but Tess looked pretty thrilled about a week with Sassy and Poppi. She knows them well. When I mentioned she’d be with them, her response was,


(Airplane?) Smart girl. And we miss them already. We tucked them in and missed them before we even closed the bedroom door! A week will be restful. We’ll get a lot done and a lot of sleep, but I’m already looking forward to having them home! As for the maybe baby, I biffed. We made a joke on the first page of our books about being “exhausted”, and it meant we missed out on a great match this weekend. I was all torn up about mistakes in our profile, and couldn’t decide what to do about it. Talk about feeling stupid. It’s our third time – we should know better. Kat to the rescue! She read over our profile and gave us some excellent feedback, while reminiscing about reading our first profile! Not only did it make us feel better about our current attempt, it reminded us how lucky we are that our kids’ birthparents are amazing. Thanks Kat! As we revise our profile tonight and order new copies, we’re also feeling hugs from someone who’s paying attention to our parenting. 🙂

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