A tooth for Christmas!

Tess is teething. Her first little tooth broke skin a few days ago, and aside from being uncomfortable eating from a bottle and sleeping like crazy, she’s handling it like a champ. Those poor little red cheeks though!

She’s figured out that a grown-up finger in her mouth pokes the boo boo, and clams her mouth up tight if she’s sees us coming. What’s even funnier is watching her roll her tongue around, checking out this pointy invader. Dave tried desperately to film it, but she only does it when we’re not paying attention to her. We’ll keep trying.

Tess is still so petite that I can’t quite believe a tooth is appearing, despite having felt it. How could our tiny little baby have teeth?! My gut reaction was


I don’t think I’m ready. We’ve so enjoyed all of her progress and cheering her on as she picks up new skills, but accepting that her giggles and teeth come hand in hand is hard. As excited as we are for her to become a big sister, letting go of this first stage is a bit of a heartbreaker. In reaction, Tess is getting snuggled to death as I try to soak up as much immobile baby as I can! I know that teething leads to movement and suddenly that baby who only wants to be held is squirming off your lap in her hurry to get on with life.

Our presents are bought, our basement is slightly less chaotic, and my family has invaded the city. We’re ready for Christmas! Watching Tess open presents (or gnaw on them), grab at ornaments and snuggle her family makes me go all soft. Christmas through a child’s eyes indeed.

On an even happier note, I’m ecstatic after a week of catching up with friends to hear how many little ones are joining the herd next spring and summer! Tess and baby boy are going to have a troupe of comrades. Next christmas is promising to be even more exciting than this one. 🙂

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