A REAL Saturday

OOPS: Dave fell asleep before posting this! This seems like a good a time as any to say that we may not write every day moving forward – we are tired people – but we will write a minimum of twice a week, and knowing my need to share, probably will surpass that regularly. We just don’t want to worry anyone if we miss here or there! SO, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Remember last week when I was raving about Saturday and how that’s what I couldn’t wait to come home to? Well, this was the genuine article.

Dave and I slept last night, first of all. So did Tess. Of course, we got up to feed her and change her diaper and such, but in between, we slept. God bless that swing.

When we woke up, Tess was hanging out, playing with her hands. So we did what we used to do: before. We read the news, chatted about plans for the weekend, made coffee, etc. it was DIVINE.

While I stayed with Tess, Dave ran out to pick up some groceries. While he was on the road, he remembered our CSA farm fresh produce share, which we haven’t been able to participate in until now. I had completely forgotten about it. So hero Dave picked that up too and came home with lots of veggies, farm fresh eggs and everything on my original list. Our fridge is full of yummy cheese, herbs, zucchini and cucumber, citrus and even some home made green curry if we’re too lazy to cook. For those of you who know me, my life seems worlds better when I have a fridge packed with beautiful, fresh, healthy food!

We abandoned the idea of celebrating Dave’s birthday tonight for a number of reasons, the first of which is we came to our senses! So rather than a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in ages, but who probably shouldn’t be near the baby just yet (but soon!), Dave’s brother Sam is up from Chicago and Sarah’s family (the ones who are as neurotic as me about respecting the baby boundaries) came for the world’s most low key barbecue: stinky cheese and crackers, green salad with early tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced apples and oranges, 3 kinds of sausage on the grill and cherry rhubarb pie for dessert. Tell me that’s not awesome! I feel like today ended up being Dave’s ultimate dad’s day: being home.

We’ve both noticed that the ‘home’ thing is finally sinking in. We’re observing changes in the neighborhood – new restos and a pedicure place I can walk to! – and remembering why we love living here so much. This morning an older woman and later a bunch of kids with a teacher were practicing martial arts in our park, while kids played on the swing set behind them. People go by walking their dogs or a stroller, chatting with their neighbors, and we got sunshine and spring showers! I know I’m blathering, but that sense of true homecoming is priceless.

At any rate, I’m going to enjoy the rest of it. I hope everyone else had as beautiful a start to the weekend! I would like to personally congratulate the Ragnar nurses who ran/drove in Salt Lake, and the new Milioto family, who got hitched yesterday. Love to all of you and wish we could’ve been everywhere at once.


thwarted internet connection and sleep deprived to oblivion, the blog is late today.

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  1. CSA’s are great. We get our meat from one for about a year now and a few weeks ago started our vegetable CSA. It is so great getting all this fresh food we plan our meals around what we get. It is so wonderful that Tess will grow up knowing about the great food that can be found so close.

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