A concentrated dose of summer

It’s been a wild and unpredictable summer so far in many ways. We’ve had roller coaster highs and lows, and are finding our new normal as I settle into my new job. The family has been incredibly patient with me, and as hard as it is to have the children confront me about being absent more frequently, it’s challenging us to find different ways to connect.

Strangely, the backlog of summer homework (long story, but 3 months of exercises to do in 3 weeks) has provided a battleground and a bonding opportunity. As the kids and I did homework at the same time this weekend, it felt frustrating and also awesome to be talking through problems and showing each other what we were working on.

Balance that with donuts in the park, spontaneous kung fu class, swimming, camps, movie nights, summer storms, barbecue and snuggles, and we’re getting more out of the last month of summer than we got to enjoy in the rest of the season put together. Tonight I connected with someone I knew as a kid, and was frankly pretty delighted by who she seems to be as an adult. We talked to fellow parents on the playground who we haven’t seen in ages but remember enjoying. We celebrated a neighborhood kid’s birthday with a piñata and sandwiches at a free brass band concert, and pretty much enjoyed our best life.

Stuff will go sideways tomorrow. One of the kids will lose it, I’ll forget my computer, Dave will get caught in traffic on the way home. But on my smarter days, I recognize a good streak when it hits. My coworkers are great, we’re doing cool stuff and making great shows, the kids are learning new math techniques and becoming better readers, and most importantly – it’s finally feeling like summer. So this moment may be brief, but it’ll be good. I hope you’re feeling the same way.

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