5 kids and the royal wedding

We have girly girls, a trait I am doing my best to embrace. So we have tutus and pink sheets, hair bows and dolls, even the Barbie dream house. I manage.

BUT weddings bring out a level of squealing that boggles my mind. My sister got married this weekend; not only did she include the kids in her wedding, she made them mini proposals months ago! So it’s been a regular chant about when the “royal wedding” (coined by Tess) would be happening.

As challenging as it is to have a howling brood of little people in a wedding when all of the parents are standing up, it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. And Joy and Charlene had the dubious pleasure of joining them as they wandered down the aisle (saints).

And as I stood there in line with my bridesmaid’s bouquet, knowing my handsome husband was across the aisle, and watching this troop of cousins parade across the lawn, I had to revel at how unexpected life can be. We’d been dreading the potential madness, and what we all got was cute, sunshine-filled family time. Go figure.

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