3 Pounds!

The two pound terror is no more! Tess, the tiny tyrant is in need of a new monicker now that she has breached the 3 pound mark, never to return! Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “3 Pounds!

  1. So fun today!! We can see Tess grow in so many ways!! You three are amazing! Crashing waves here…humid and cloudy. Aunt sue is getting worn out and too tan playing games with uncle boo! Dad has a bad cold and cough so sue has had to take his place… The boys are hoping to golf today. Maybe we can play! We are off for our morning walk which really gets the day off to a beautiful start! Gets the old brain marbles rolling around again! Picture uncle boo crusted with sea salt and sand. He is in
    Heaven I think 🙂

  2. Oooops…missing you all so much! We do hope most for Tess to jump start that bone marrow function and avoid the additional transfusion! I am certain granny is watching over Tess from a cloud somewhere, sitting with dad, and your grandfather David! They will all wrap Tess into their thoughts and prayers as we do! Love to you always, sassy

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