3 months old!

Tess decided to celebrate her great age by staying awake all night – and I do mean all night. Dave and I looked like zombies this morning. She was of course then exhausted all day, so I fear we may be in for a repeat performance. Dave and I are staring at our baby swing like it will save us from certain doom. Here’s hoping it can succeed where we fail! This far, she’ll only sleep in our arms: a dangerous precedent.

Still, having traditional baby issues like sleeping crop up is okay by us. I prefer worrying about that to worrying about whether or not she’s breathing! She’s also getting to the point where, even swaddled, she worms her way to the side of the bassinet and makes herself quite uncomfortable. I don’t know if we’ll be transitioning her to the crib just yet, but it’s coming soon.

It was crazy again today, but in a good way. Mom was here with cool house stuff, Sue E stopped by after the breast cancer show house (down the street), and dad even popped in – although I had to promptly throw him out as he had a cold and isn’t allowed near Tess or us! Mama bear felt like a jerk, but didn’t have a choice.

Work done, errands run (after Dave got home), dinner eaten as a family, and suddenly it’s Friday night! That has such different connotations now. That used to be symphony night or drinks with friends night. Now it’s collapse in a blissful heap of happy exhaustion! We wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂





3 thoughts on “3 months old!

  1. A word of caution. Some days a swing is a god sent. Other days Nothing seems to work. Kids are just that way. But you two are tougher than this 5 lb titan and you have a tool she does not. Caffeine! it is a parents good friend for those short nights. Keep those heads up you are doing a great Job. Iove the pictures.

  2. Three months! Wow. Congratulations to the three of you – I truly admire your strength. We all juggle most of the time, but your share is a bit bigger than most families… And WHERE do you take the time and energy from to write this wonderful blog?! I am half a year behind with my photos…
    Cheers to the three of you!

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