2 weeks in, with a household of 9

We’re past the temper tantrums of disbelief, hope that every day will be a pajama day, and dreams of deep housecleaning and organization projects. Our priorities have declared themselves: basic schooling in the mornings with Dave and Katherine, TedEds and French online schoolwork in the afternoons, healthy food and rest, working our way through all of our “favorite movies”. Communal meals three times a day, with Dave and I reclaiming the peace of cooking when not frantically fitting it in around a normally much tighter schedule. The kids know they can go wild in the yard, and ride their bikes where we can see them – but no going on the swings or the playground. No going near other people.

Sassy brought over some gifts and a ton of groceries (all hail the bananas!), and we waved and talked on the phone from the other side of the glass door. So. Weird. We’re Skyping with people we adore and don’t get to talk to enough when we can, and see much more of that on our horizon.

Nothing here is unusual; we’re all finding our new rhythms homebound. But this structure is the foundation of our existence with so many in one space. I’m marveling at how quickly we’re all adjusting to what may be many weeks of house arrest. Most importantly, we are realizing we can do this. And once we explained to the kids that we’re saving lives by staying home, they realized they can do it too – and be proud of protecting others.

So we’re not making bread, or doing complex crafts. We’re not going through everyone’s clothes and reorganizing closets. We’ve skipped hair a few days too many, but we only have pj days on the weekend. And while tempers have flared, those moments resolve quickly. We’re ready for week 3.

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