2 grandpas, 2 grandmas, 2 parents, 2 babies

Remy is not a sleeper, so Dave and I are not sleeping. We are so retroactively grateful to the IMC nurses for getting Tess trained! Her brother is flipping nights and days, so the entry into life has caused a bit more shock that our easing into the work on NICU training wheels. According to the grandparents, Remy is acting like a normal newborn, and it hurts us. Aside from that, these days in Naples are bliss. Getting time with family, and help while we come to grips with the full ramifications of our family expansion, may be one of the most priceless moments our our lives. We’re already crossing our fingers that we’ll get to recreate this trip in the future!

For dad’s birthday, he treated us to a surprise visit. Dave and I were on our way in from the pediatrician (who said Remy couldn’t be better!) when dad just walked down the hall! Apparently, my greedy hopes have been fulfilled: all four traveling grandparents in Florida – and over Tess’ bday. This is awesome!

Watching Tess right now is wild. She’s starting to realize a shift in focus has taken place, and it may not be to her liking. We’ll see how the next few weeks go, but Dave and I are making an effort to get more 1-1 parent time with her now that the mad rush has ended. The good news? The grandparents got her army crawling! She’s using many more consonants too, so I’m hoping to impress the therapist when we get Tess back in there.

Otherwise, we’re starting to understand how critical work leave can be. No sleep, kids who need you, diapers, bottles, laundry, legal paperwork, etc. hurt less when you’re not trying to be smart and clean 8 hours a day. Now we just fear the moment when the ration goes from 6:2 to 2:2. Eek!

We attempted dinner out tonight. It’s the first time we tried this without Tess in the infant car seat/stroller, and she was fabulous. Here’s hoping the kids keep that up! Rose summed up our future well by reflecting on her past:

You kids gave me so much joy – most of the time.


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