A little normal

Dave and I both had huge weeks at work. Mine meant I missed a number of bedtimes, which is rare! Especially these days. But we got to have one of the most wonderful weekends in recent memory. Some friends of ours with an older (and lovely!) kid all recently recovered from Covid, meaning they could all come over and we could share a meal together. It was so exciting to cook for friends! I don’t know who was more thrilled, us or the kids. It was hard to let them go home at the end of the night, and we are looking forward to doing it again soon.

We got a lot of cleaning and cooking done, with the kids playing games of their own creation while Dave and I got through the work. Lots of snuggles, laughter, reading, even some performances to enjoy from other arts groups in town. Saturday night, the girls all snuck into the boys room and they had a secret sleepover. As cute as that sounds, let’s just say we were not impressed with the results! Holy tired children Batman! Still, despite a few kids taking spontaneous naps, we continued to have a relaxing weekend full of family time.

As much as we have enjoyed getting out of the house on the weekend, finding adventures in national parks or even in the park just across the street, there was something almost divine about staying snug and warm at home by a fire. I think we’re all feeling a little better about going into another week, now that we have re-grouped. None of us won being housebound to become a new normal, but let’s just say it’s easier to hunker down with gorgeous but cold snow all around.